1967-68 was the year we thought that all problems regarding the surrounding Arab countries had been solved.  Yom Ha’Atzmaut 1968 was the most joyous celebration imaginable, and also my second date with Steve.  I returned to my dorm room that night to find strangers sleeping on all flat surfaces, in preparation for the next day’s festivities. The entire campus was united in this, without political differences that dominate all student communities everywhere. But, it was not just the celebrations that we loved about Hebrew University, but the opportunities to take classes from professors who had worldwide reputations. We also loved the times we sat on the grass and ate peas we just purchased in the shuk (market), or the snowball fights with mittens sent from home as Chanukah gifts—my mittens being the only mittens on campus, and shared with everyone after our one snowstorm.  And that’s why we fondly remember HU.