Felix Mensah


Agriculture is the main driving force of Ghana’s economy and of several regions in Africa, where the livelihood of the majority of the people depends on this sector. However, poverty, hunger, and starvation are rampant, leading to crime and conflicts.

My name is Felix Mensah, a Ghanaian who was born into a poor and humble home with four brothers. Life became more difficult as I reached adolescence. I had to sacrifice my educational goals to allow for others in my family to progress. However, I worked hard not to let that kill my dream of becoming a crop scientist. I worked for 10 years in pineapple, papaya, mango, and passion fruit production. Hard work, humility, commitment, sincerity, and loyalty were my guiding rules in life. My passion for growing good crops grew bigger, leading to good agricultural practices. I helped my company earn Global-gap, Fairtrade, and Organic certification for many years. My employers saw my capabilities and wanted to help me grow my education. At the Methodist University College in Ghana, I participated in a one-year agro-processing course. Following that, I completed a two-year diploma in general agriculture and then continued to receive a bachelor’s degree in general agriculture before progressing to the Hebrew University for a Master’s of Science in plant sciences.

My goal was to attain both practical and scientific knowledge in modern agriculture that will help solve some of the numerous challenges farmers face in the industry. I am now steadily achieving my goals. I am acquiring the knowledge to solve the numerous challenges faced by farmers in Ghana and in throughout Africa. The “only” thing left to do is implement this knowledge to improve the local agriculture and to better the lives of the people in our region of Africa.

It is both my obligation and privilege to acknowledge those that helped me reach my goals so far. My enormous gratitude goes to the Pears Foundation and to its head, the honorable Sir Trevor Pears, who through a generous scholarship made all this a reality for me. I would also like to thank the entire team at the International School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who are people of great competence. I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to acquire the needed knowledge from experienced lecturers, researchers, professors, and farmers.

I truly thank you all for helping me in countless ways and more importantly, in giving me the opportunity to pursue my dream of helping my fellow countrymen and possibly other African countries as well.