Esther Mwangi


My name is Esther Mwangi from Kenya. I would like to first thank my sponsors for this great opportunity to better my future. I have a Bachelor’s degree in foods, nutrition, and dietetics from Kenyatta University in Kenya. As part of my undergraduate studies, I learned a variety of topics involving food and nutrition. After earning my degree, I still wanted to learn more, so I volunteered for different organizations to help promote nutrition. With nutrition insecurity in my country and throughout Africa, not only was it important to promote good nutrition but also safeguard the quality of the food produced for future generations. Given my passion, I was among the lucky few that got a job in the food manufacturing industry in Kenya. Even with this position, I had to juggle extra jobs just to make ends meet.

I still had a great desire to pursue my graduate studies in an international school because it would be the best opportunity to learn how to improve the quality of life for the people in my community. I had taken a loan for my undergraduate degree, so taking another one was not an option. When I came across the Hebrew University’s International School in the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, I thought this would be perfect.

When I received the email saying I received a scholarship to study at Hebrew University for an M.S. in Nutrition, I was the happiest person in the world! I was so elated to know someone believed in me and wanted to give me the chance to move a step closer to my dreams and change my life.  I was thrilled to know all my efforts and hard work were rewarded-this was a dream come true for me.

After graduating, I plan to be an instrument of positive change. I cannot be thankful enough for the generous offer to sharpen my skills to be able to give back and better my community. I appreciate the investment in my future. This opportunity will definitely change my life and that of others.

I promise to give it my best, open my eyes to new opportunities, and stay driven towards my goals. I hope this story is an inspiration to someone out there to never give up. You just need to believe.

Once again, thank you for changing my life.