Dima PHOTOI knew I wanted to become a doctor ever since I was a little girl, yet the question as to why I decided to become a doctor is very difficult for me to answer. I have always had the drive and aspiration to become a doctor and I can’t imagine doing anything else. For me, medicine was always the only field with the perfect combination of human interaction, science and the ability to help people while giving back to community.

It is well-known that The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is the best in Israel, and one of the best universities in the world. The School of Medicine at HU is the most prestigious, and has the highest standards and criterion for admission. As a perfectionist, it was a challenge for me to get accepted and an honor just being a student in such university.

My journey with HU began long before I started medical school, even before I was even born — both my parents studied there and met as students of the Hadassah nursing school. They got married and lived in Jerusalem for a few years before they moved to my hometown. I have always looked up to my parents and wanted to follow their steps, so it was only natural for me to choose HU. For this reason and many others, HU has a special place in my heart.

Getting accepted to HU’s medical school was a dream come true! In all my years at the university I’ve had a great experience; I was taught by the best doctors, researchers and scientists I could ever hope for. I met some amazing people, made some of my best friendships and overall had experiences that helped shaped my personality, making me the person I am today.

I started medical school right after high school and had very little life experience and limited interaction with the real world outside the walls of my little town. During my years at HU, I learned to be more accepting and open minded, I learned to listen and to be patient, and most importantly, I learned that in order to be a good doctor you have to be a good person first.

I am having a great time in LA; I will never forget my time here. I have met some extraordinary people who overwhelm me with their kindness and generosity. I had a wonderful academic experience at the UCLA hospitals, a true journey of learning and expanding my horizon. The city is amazing with its people, culture and events.