AFHU proudly salutes American Friends who were honored at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s 78th International Board of Governors Meeting, May 29-June 3, 2015.  Ceremonies recognized the achievements and leadership of Joyce Brandman, who received an Honorary Doctorate, and Sheldon Hechtman and Dr. Beno Michel who received Honorary Fellowships.

We also congratulate our Benefactors, Guardians and Founders for their devotion to Hebrew University and AFHU’s mission

Sarah Jane and Paul M. (z”l) Densen

Guardians on the Wall of Life
Dr. Susan Adelman and Professor Martin Adelman
The Densen Family
Alan Harper and Catherine Dumait-Harper
Louise Kershman and Family
Susan Masri Lawi
Sherry Norris and John Bauman
Kathleen Hart Solovy

Annette Blum
Gail Meyer Asarch and James Satovsky
Vibeke Lichten and Joel Assouline

Special Tribute
In honor and memory of Paul M. Densen (z”l), a leader and supporter of the Lautenberg Center for Immunology and Cancer Research

AFHU celebrates American Friends who were honored at The Hebrew University during June 2015:
Joseph and Michelle Jacobs

Guardians on the Wall of Life
Mitra A. and Michael A. Margolis
Bruce and Robbi Toll

In Recognition of Their Generosity in Support of the Elite Military Medicine Track within Hebrew University’s Faculty of Medicine
Barbara and Richard Rothschild

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