On May 22, more than 325 of the world’s leading scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors participated in NEXUS:ISRAEL, a daylong conference which showcased Israel’s global leadership in technology and the life sciences. For HU and AFHU, this was the first forum produced which gave participants the opportunity to learn about and openly discuss critical technological and scientific breakthroughs that stand to reshape the way we work and live, including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, clean energy, nanotechnology, and brain sciences.

Program speakers included two Nobel Prize winning academics, Roger Kornberg (2006) and Daniel Kahneman (2002); executives of top Israeli companies including Leumi, Intel Israel, and Lightricks, and leading U.S. investors and venture capitalists, including Jack Hidary of Google X, Alan Patricof of Greycroft Partners, and Aryeh Bourkoff of LionTree. Other speakers and moderators included the founder and former editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, Matthew Winkler, Inon Elroy, Israel’s Economic Minister to North America, and Bloomberg New York Bureau Chief, Jason Kelly.

Panel discussions and presentations analyzed worldwide trends in venture and impact investing, as well as how Israel’s many challenges have driven its people to forge ahead as the “Start-Up Nation,” with creativity, imagination, and a strong spirit of determination. Another recurring theme heard throughout the day was Hebrew University is the research powerhouse of the start-up nation and that the work being done there has changed the world, and continues to do so.

Inventions in wide use today that were incubated by HU labs were presented such as the production of working circuit boards in a single process; the combining of artificial intelligence and deep brain stimulation to improve the Parkinson’s patients’ lives, and adding search capability to video surveillance to rapidly identify suspects. Attendees heard about 3D functional printing, life sciences, nanotechnology, computer vision, and in a session on cyber security with Daniel Goldin (formerly NASA) and founder of KnuEdge, moderator Margaret Burgraff, General Manager of Global Software Enabling for Intel Corporation, brought to light that cyber-criminals are more aggressive and successful today, in part because the public does not fully comprehend the risk.

For a complete list of speakers, program sponsors and conference videos and photos, go to www.NEXUSISRAEL.org.


Menahem Ben-Sasson

(L-R) Aryeh Bourkoff, Daniel Kahneman

Maxine Fassberg

(L-R) Alan Patricof, Jason Kelly

(L-R) Catherine Wood, Jacob Worenklein

(L-R) ) (Matthew Winkler) Inon Elroy, Yifat Oron

(L-R) Shy Arkin, Roger Kornberg

(L-R) Vijay Vaitheeswaran, Tomaso Poggio, Jack Hidary

(L-R) Aryeh Bourkoff, Jason Kelly

Marc Mayer

Haim Dabah

(L-R) Clive Kabatznik, Roger Kornberg

(L-R) Avner Mendelson, Aryeh Bourkoff, Daniel Kahneman

(L-R) Sean McManus, Jason Kelly, Matthew Winkler

(L-R) David Blumberg, Gillian Sandler, Daniel Goldin

(L-R) Daniel Kahneman, Andrew Shapiro

(L-R) Greg Lyss, Joshua Olshin

(L-R) Peter Feinstein, Jane Feinstein, David Blumberg, Howard Morgan

(L-R) Bill Zanker, Clive Kabatznik