An Evening With Einstein (relatively speaking)

Ellen and George Schieren, long-standing AFHU supporters, welcomed guests to their Long Island home for an evening about Einstein. Professor Hanoch Gutfreund, a world-renowned Einstein expert, was the event’s featured speaker and George Schieren, who is an AFHU Board member, emceed the evening’s program.

Professor Gutfreund shared detailed stories about Einstein’s personal life and professional achievements and discussed how the political climate during Einstein’s life greatly influenced the genius’ actions. Einstein, a Zionist and political activist, was one of the co-founders of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  He willed all his intellectual property to Hebrew University (HU).

Prof. Gutfreund, responsible for conserving the Albert Einstein Archives at HU, displayed document facsimiles from the University’s collection which represented pivotal times in Einstein’s life. Newspaper clippings, the Nobel Prize certificate, and HU’s Mission Statement were among the documents exhibited at the Schieren’s home for guests to examine.