The Continuing Gravitational Pull of Einstein

Hebrew University alumni and friends gathered on September 11, 2019, to hear from Harvard University Professor Avi Loeb, a Hebrew University (HU) alumnus. He shared his journey from growing up on a kibbutz in Israel to an elite program at Hebrew University, where he was taught by the evening’s main presenter, HU Professor Hanoch Gutfreund.

Professor Gutfreund, Academic Director of HU’s Einstein Archives, captivated the audience with Einstein’s importance to science and humanity, and his strong bonds to the Hebrew University. Professor Loeb, using science that Einstein himself pioneered, explained what a black hole is and the work he and his team at the Black Hole Initiative are trying to accomplish.

After their presentations, attendees had the opportunity to ask the professors questions as well as peruse Einstein replica memorabilia that Professor Gutfreund brought from Jerusalem.