American Friends of The Hebrew University is proud to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ISEF Foundation, which has maintained a longstanding dedication to promoting Israel’s strength by supporting students on scholarship at Israel’s top academic institutions. Throughout the decades, ISEF has enabled deserving students at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem to achieve substantive educational and research goals and to develop satisfying careers. These alumni contribute to the well-being of Israel and advance progress within our global community, affirming the value and utility of higher education.

ISEF is a trail-blazer among nonprofit organizations devoted to higher education. Founded in 1977 by Edmond J. (z”l) and Lily Safra and Nina Weiner, the foundation’s esteemed president, ISEF has financially assisted students throughout their studies from the bachelor degree level through to Ph.D.’s and postdoctoral studies.  These talented young people typically come from Israel’s peripheral areas and underserved communities. Without the ongoing support of ISEF, these deserving students might not have the resources to receive academic degrees. Moreover, ISEF initiatives in support of International Fellows have served to enhance Israel’s intellectual distinction and international prominence.

One of these International Fellows is Dr. Yitschak Biton, who earned his M.D. at Hebrew University. Dr. Biton conducted his postdoctoral work in heart research follow-up at the University of Rochester, and is an ISEF postdoctoral candidate for 2016-2017, conducting research in Cardiology-Electrophysiology at Harvard Medical School.

As an ISEF scholar at Hebrew University, Dr. Biton served as the unit manager of our Intel-ISEF program in Jerusalem, and later as the coordinator of the Ph.D. group in Jerusalem. He was placed high on the best teachers list at Tel Aviv University, where he worked as a clinical instructor. Dr. Biton is the recipient of the 2012 Yocheved Cohen Award for Basic Research for establishing a laboratory dedicated to the study of the role of platelets in ACS.  In 2014, he received the Mirowski-Moss Career Development Award and in 2016, Dr. Biton received the Young Investigator Award from the American College of Cardiology. Several of Dr. Biton’s articles have been published in various medical journals.

Dr. Biton is of Israeli and Moroccan background and was raised in Lod, Israel with his three siblings. His father was disabled by a terrorist attack during army service. Dr. Biton and his wife have two children.