Julie A. Leizman, Boca Raton, Florida

Julie Leizman is the owner of and Integrative Health Coach for Apogee Health in Boca Raton, Florida, where she belongs to the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.  A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Julie is sports and nutrition-oriented, partnering with her clients to achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Entrepreneurial as well, Julie founded Old School Food, a granola company based on the idea that food should be natural, nutritious and made by hand. She and her husband Daniel are dedicated to the strength of Israel, the Jewish community and the cause of higher education. Julie is a lifetime member of the National Council of Jewish Women and a member of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. Her parents, Karen and Larry Altschul, are longtime supporters of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning. Julie has participated in the Mandel Leadership Symposium and the Hathaway Brown School Leadership Development Program, among other activities.  She is also committed to music, the arts and athletics such as squash.

In Julie’s words: “Through the AFHU, I can support Hebrew University and help spread its influence on a larger geographic scale.  I am very interested in learning more about the university’s research in longevity, diet and understanding the role cannabis can play in our health. This research will have a significant impact on how we approach healthcare in the future, and I’d like to learn how to convert these findings into entrepreneurial opportunities that will make a positive impact in communities.”