Greg Levy, Chicago, Illinois

An entrepreneur, Greg Levy is President and CEO of Point Five Packaging, LLC.  A leader in the food industry, Greg is interested in new developments and trends in food consumption, nutrition and environmental conservation on a global scale.  He is an active volunteer in the Midwest, working on behalf of the Ark, a local Jewish charity, to deliver meals to the local Jewish community.  He participates in activities at the Solomon Schechter Day School, is a member of his synagogue’s house band, and was a madrich for Shorashim, a predecessor of Taglit, Birthright.  He has been part of the WPO/YPO Young Adult Moderator training program.  After college, Greg volunteered as a lone soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, serving in the Nachal Infantry Brigade.

In Greg’s words: “I am passionate about Israel as a leader in tikkun olam for the world.  As a food industry professional, I hope to learn, through AFHU LEAD, what cutting-edge technology Israelis are working on to grow, source, preserve and deliver food products to the mass population.  My experience is that any time a group of individuals come together to discuss a particular challenge with Israel as the back drop, the result is always something positive.”