The Entrepreneurial Mindset

On Monday, May 20th AFHU’s Pacific Northwest region hosted its first Alumni Association event, a dynamic fireside chat with Houzz CEO/Cofounder and HU alumna, Adi Tatarko, and Nobel Laureate Professor Roger Kornberg. The event, titled “The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Developing NOBEL Ideas into a HOUZZhold Name,” took place in Palo Alto, CA at the Mitchell Park Community Center – where the two speakers shared an intimate discussion with an audience of over 70 HU alumni and friends.

After an introduction by PNW Regional President, Eric Stein, the two speakers a variety of topics, including inspiration and challenges in their businesses, balancing work and family, and integrating traditional Israeli values into their everyday lives. Adi Tatarko founded Houzz with her husband while investigating better solutions when remodeling their home. Professor Roger Kornberg, a serial entrepreneur and a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (2006), shared some of the driving forces in his successes, such as his family. His father, who was also a scientist and Nobel Laureate served as a wonderful role-model to strive for greatness and be humble.