1. AFHU Leadership

      • 1. AFHU Leadership
      • 2. Regional Offices
      • 3. Career Opportunities
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      • 4. AFHU Updates
      • 5. AFHU Awards
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      1. AFHU Leadership

      Ingenuity Is Our Tradition. Knowledge Moves Us.

      American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU) is a national, not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. We exist to connect the passions of Americans to the talent at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of the world’s most distinguished academic and research institutions.

      In addition to raising awareness and funds for the university, AFHU helps the university recruit and retain outstanding faculty, build teaching and research facilities, and provide scholarships and fellowships. AFHU’s support helps the university advance human understanding in myriad fields including agriculture, astronomy, energy, psychology, medicine, and more.

      AFHU was founded in 1925 by American businessman and philanthropist Felix M. Warburg. Our rich history gives us the confidence to move forward with our mission. And we will never stop–because knowledge moves us.
      Clive Kabatznik Board President I Chair of the Executive Committee
      Marc O. Mayer Board Chair
      Beth Asnien McCoy Chief Executive Officer
      Executive Team
      Elissa Fishman Chief Financial Officer
      Glennys Huhn Chief Human Resources Officer
      Eileen Hume Chief Marketing Officer
      Monica Loebl National Director of Development
      National Officers
      Frances R. Katz Vice Chair of the Board | Assistant Treasurer
      Richard S. Ziman Vice Chair of the Board
      Kenneth L. Stein Vice President | Investment Committee Chair
      Ronald M. Zimmerman Vice President
      Joshua M. Olshin Treasurer | Budget and Finance Committee Chair
      Pamela N. Emmerich Secretary
      Richard D. Weinberg Assistant Secretary
      Marc O. Mayer Chair of the Board
      James Matanky National Campaign Chair
      Michael Lobel Audit Committee Chair
      Ira Lee Sorkin Nominations Committee Chair
      Emma Joels Grants Committee Chair

      2. Regional Offices

      Southeast Region
      100 West Cypress Creek Road
      Suite 865
      Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
      T: 561.750.8585
      Midwest Region
      20 N Wacker Drive
      Suite 2020
      Chicago, IL 60606
      T: 312.329.0332
      Judith Shenkman
      Executive Director
      Mid-Atlantic Region
      5100 Wisconsin Avenue NW
      Suite 250
      Washington, DC 20016
      T: 202.363.4600
      Maggie Bolstad
      Executive Director
      Western Region
      16633 Ventura Boulevard
      Suite 715
      Encino, CA 91436
      T: 310.843.3100
      Sheri Kaufer
      Executive Director
      Dallas Office
      T: 469.862.0257
      Jane Larkin
      Dallas Director
      Dallas Office
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      Pacific Northwest Region
      180 Grand Avenue
      Suite 955
      Oakland, CA 94612
      T: 415.299.8691
      Jeremy Benjamin
      Executive Director
      Northeast Region
      One Battery Park Plaza
      25th Floor
      New York, NY 10004
      T: 212.607.8510
      Suzanne K. Ponsot
      Executive Director
      Philadelphia Office
      T: 215.330.6722
      Rachel Sigman
      Philadelphia Director
      Philadelphia Office
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      3. Career Opportunities

      If Knowledge Moves You, Come Join Us.

      We are always on the lookout for talented people. If you’re seeking to advance innovation and knowledge in the world by supporting the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, check out the opportunities below.

      3.1 Testimonials

      Judith Shenkman

      "It is a privilege to work for AFHU and represent the Hebrew University every day. The Hebrew University’s academic excellence and scholarship is so inspirational and making this world we live in a better place! I feel so lucky to work with people who are so dedicated. I couldn’t do what I do without feeling so passionate about the place I work for and people I work with. "

      Laura Abrams

      "At AFHU, I have the pleasure and honor of connecting people to their passion. Whether it’s cancer research, curing Alzheimer’s disease, or supporting students on scholarship, the Hebrew University is one of the world’s most comprehensive and innovative centers. From the cutting-edge research, to the dynamic professors, to the energetic students, there is no other place that brings together such powerful minds and such passionate energy. "

      David Pina

      "It’s an honor to work for an organization that supports a university that does so much good for the world. Most of all, I enjoy working with my colleagues here and around the country who I’ve had the pleasure of working with for over 20 years."

      4. AFHU Updates

      AFHU News Vol. 24

      Past Publications
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      2019 Alumni Annual Report

      Past Publications
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      5. AFHU Awards

      Awarding Brilliance

      National Scopus Award
      The National Scopus Award is the highest honor conferred by AFHU. Named for Mount Scopus, where Hebrew University’s first cornerstones were laid in 1918, the award has come to symbolize the university’s highest ideals.

      Torch of Learning Award
      This award honors leading individuals who have influenced the course of higher learning in the United States (U.S.) and Israel.

      Judah L. Magnes Award
      Named for Rabbi Judah L. Magnes, one of the original founders and HU’s first President. The Judah L. Magnes award is conferred upon individuals for outstanding contributions to education and cultural life in the U.S. and Israel.

      Maimonides Award
      Established in 2005, the Maimonides Award honors philanthropic commitment to pioneering medical research at HU.

      Einstein Award
      AFHU’s Einstein Award pays tribute to leaders who have made a profound, far-reaching impact on the course of modern science and technology and whose philanthropic activities improve the lives of people internationally.

      Leaders of Distinction Award
      This honor is awarded to leaders and humanitarians who have made an impact in their local communities and on behalf of the State of Israel. They are dedicated to fostering Jewish life, and benefitting humanity in lasting ways.

      6. Financial Statements

      We Are Transparent With Our Finances

      American Friends of the Hebrew University, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, has an independent lay-led national Board of Directors comprising dedicated professionals and civic and Jewish community leaders from throughout the United States. Each year, AFHU is audited by the accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP.
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