Shlomo Nizahon, Sunrise, Florida

An attorney, Shlomo Nizahon is a principal of the Nizahon Wright Law Firm in Florida, consulting on legal matters for Real Property clients.  He previously was President of Citadela Realty Inc., creating income-producing opportunities for U.S. and international investors.  Bilingual in Hebrew and English, Shlomo earned his bachelor’s degree at Florida International University and his Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Board College of Law.  While at Nova Southeastern, Shlomo was President of the National Security and Law Society and studied at the International Institute of Social Sciences in the Hague, Netherlands.  He has fulfilled varied public service and leadership roles, including as a volunteer for Young Israeli Parliament, the Consulate General of Israel to Florida and Puerto Rico, and at the Lewis Brandeis Center, where he worked to thwart the BDS movement on college campuses. Shlomo is currently running for a Congressional seat in the 2020 elections, motivated in part by the rise of antisemitism in the US and his desire to make a difference.

In Shlomo’s words: “To participate in AFHU LEAD in support of Hebrew University means having an opportunity to effect change in the global community through lessons, discussions and shared experiences. A new network of very talented people will emerge and bond, armed with knowledge received through the program and an understanding of how to improve the lives of people on a global scale as well as in our community.”