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1. The Hebrew University's Faculties and Schools

Founded by visionaries. Propelled forward by innovation.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is one of the world’s most distinguished academic and research institutions. The university is located in Israel, but its work transforms our world. Its students, faculty, and alumni have won eight Nobel Prizes, developed treatments for diseases, and ignited innovation that has led to more than 8,900 patents. We think our founding fathers, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Chaim Weizmann, and Martin Buber would be quite proud.
The Hebrew University's List of Faculties and Schools
Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Smith Faculty has developed groundbreaking innovations such as irrigation technologies, soil solarization, and long shelf-life vegetables. Students take courses in agricultural biotechnology, soil and water sciences, hotel, food and tourism management, and more.
Faculty of Humanities
The Faculty of Humanities focuses on the scope of human civilization in the past and present, as expressed in language, literature, the visual and performing arts, culture, folklore, philosophy, religion, and history.
Faculty of Medicine
Encompasses the School of Pharmacy, School of Occupational Therapy, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, and two research institutes.
Faculty of Sciences
This Faculty is an Israeli leader in the research and teaching of basic and applied science. It encompasses leading academics in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, and Earth Sciences. The Faculty also incorporates cutting-edge research institutes including: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Marine Biogeochemistry, and more.
Faculty of Dental Medicine
Founded in 1953 by the Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity. The Faculty is Israel's first dental school and is the leading center for dental education, clinical care, research, product/technology development and community outreach.
Faculty of Social Sciences
The Faculty houses nine departments: Geography, International Relations, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology, Statistics, Psychology, Communication and Journalism, the Federmann School of Public Policy and Government, an interfaculty program on Internet and Society, and Glocal, an international development master's program.
Faculty of Law
The Faculty is Israel's first law school and is the cornerstone of Israel's legal research and education. It is home to the Minerva Center for Human Rights, the Center for the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity, the Institute of Criminology, and the Israel Matz Institute for Jewish Law.
Rothberg International School
Attracts more than 2,000 students annually from over 80 countries to its diverse undergraduate and graduate degree exchange programs.
Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences
ELSC is Israel's foremost institute for interdisciplinary brain research and at the forefront of the revolution of neuroscience research. Researchers work to better understand our minds, from alleviating Alzheimer's and Parkinson's symptoms, sensory substitution devices, and more.
Advanced School of Environmental Studies
Consists of the study of environmental policy and resource management. Students learn to be adaptive to the capacity of the populations, and learn tools to rationally evaluate technological solutions for environmental issues.
Federmann School of Public Policy and Government
Seeks to develop the new generation of professional civil servants who will provide the state of Israel–and the Israeli society–with stability and growth.
Koret School of Veterinary Medicine
Israel's first and only veterinary school and the only facility of its kind in the Middle East. The School builds bridges to peace through animal care, shares medical knowledge, and offers joint research projects with countries around the world.
Seymour Fox School of Education
A leader in academic instruction, training, and research. Faculty members advance new ways of thinking about education by using an interdisciplinary approach while accounting for today's social and cultural challenges.
Jerusalem School of Business
Israel's premier academic business school, playing a central role in shaping the Start-Up Nation's business and management leadership ecosystem.
School of Pharmacy
A globally recognized leader in training pharmacists and conducting basic research in drug science. The School trains students for professional practice in the pharmaceutical industry, providing them with a scientific and professional basis. It also offers higher education in pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, and pharmaceutical sciences, as well as a doctoral degree in Clinical Pharmacy.
Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine
On a mission to improve the physical, mental, and social welfare of the global community with a commitment to excellence in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary public health research, training, and practice.
Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare
Endeavors to further social justice and the personal and social well-being of individuals through path-breaking research and the development of social services and policies for individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities in Israel and across the globe.
Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering
Maintains world-renowned excellence in research and is at the forefront of the technological revolution, with strength in Applied Physics and Biomedical Engineering. The School has a substantial impact on the high-tech industry in Israel.
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School Advanced Studies in the Humanities
Israel's first graduate school in the humanities, the School fosters a dynamic and vibrant academic comunity, prioritzing intellectual interaction, and placing Jewish Studies within the broader fabric of Western and Eastern cultures.

3. Partnerships

Pioneering Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are the foundation for tackling the world's greatest challenges. The Hebrew University, a global research powerhouse, collaborates with other world-class academic and cultural institutions to address global needs in the areas of health and medicine, cyber security, and diplomacy to name a few. At the core of these critical alliances are beliefs deeply rooted in the notion that knowledge moves us toward a brighter future.

4. Coursera

Free online courses

We envision a world where anyone, anywhere, can transform their life by accessing knowledge. Explore the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s free online courses on Coursera.
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