Torch Talks—Heading to the Polls

The Hebrew University Alumni Association launched its inaugural Torch Talks webinar—Heading to the Polls—on Tuesday, February 26. Sixty registrants from across the United States tuned in to hear political science expert HU Professor Reuven Hazan, a frequent commentator on CNN, FOX, BBC, NPR, and other networks, share his thoughts on the 2019 Israeli legislative elections.

Following a special introduction by Ambassador Miriam Sapiro, a former Deputy U.S. Trade Representative and HU alumna, Professor Hazan compared Israel’s and the United States’ electoral system and discussed Israel’s elaborate geopolitical landscape along with his projections for the country’s 21st Knesset. Professor Hazan’s informative presentation concluded with a Q & A session. To watch a recording of Professor Hazan’s presentation, watch below.