A Personal Conversation with Professor David Flatto

On November 18, Professor David Flatto from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law and Department of Jewish Philosophy spoke at the 16th annual United Jewish Federation of Greater Stamford, New Cannan, and Darien’s Tapestry event, an evening of communal adult Jewish learning and education. During his talk, Professor Flatto provided an overview of the Israeli judicial system and its key players, focusing on the background and historical context leading up to this year’s controversial Supreme Court Judicial Reform developments. Using an interdisciplinary lens to unpack the judicial crisis, he discussed the history of Israeli statehood and the calls for an Israeli constitution. Professor Flatto’s conclusion included his perspective on how the current Israel-Hamas war may influence Israel’s legal and judicial systems.

Outside of Professor Flatto’s discussion, guests also enjoyed talks on the Israeli labor movement, the links between anti-Israel and antisemitic sentiment, and the reform movement in Israel.