Milan Chatterjee, Las Vegas, Nevada

An attorney, Milan Chatterjee fulfills the professional role of Associate Compliance Counsel for Las Vegas Sands Corp.  Educated at UCLA and NYU law schools as well as at the University of Denver, Colorado, Milan clerked at the firm of Glaser Weill LLP in Los Angeles.  Community-minded and entrepreneurial, he has collaborated with varied public interest organizations, among these: the American Jewish Committee, the Israeli-American Council and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  Milan is President of the South Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas.  Supportive of AFHU’s mission, he is helping to build awareness  of, and establish a presence for, the Hebrew University and AFHU in Las Vegas.  Milan is interested in the intersection of business and nonprofit work as a means to foster social responsibility. While at UCLA and the University of Denver, he participated in varied leadership and management training programs.

In Milan’s words: “Through the AFHU LEAD program, I hope to learn about how Hebrew University makes a positive impact on the State of Israel and our global society.  I hope to develop my network of other pro-Hebrew University advocates, so we can work together to synergize our resources to serve this great university and build more public support.”