Heather Wilk, Los Angeles, California

Heather Wilk is the co-founder and Executive Director of the organization Straight But Not Narrow, an awareness charity established to educate young people on being allies in the LGBTQ community.  This work ranges from speaking at schools and to encouraging the establishment of Gay Straight Alliances and creating safe spaces for dialogue.   Heather is an ROI Community member and a film liaison through the Schusterman Foundation. A proponent of progressive causes, she founded Power On-Tech Recycling, which refurbishes electronics and provides them to LGBTQ homeless youth. Heather has been honored for her efforts to foster social well-being and inclusiveness for all people. Among her priorities, Heather participates in Eighteen:22, a global network for change.  A past Birthright Israel Fellow, she has strong ties to the Jewish community.

In Heather’s words: “I am hoping to gain a group of new friends coming from different walks of life and with diverse backgrounds through AFHU LEAD.  Sharing in a Hebrew University education of this kind is an incredible way to expand the boundaries of self and community.  I also believe that storytelling has the potential to make an impact and change the world.  Every story I choose to develop must have one of three elements: a direct impact, an underserved message, or the ability to create a lasting conversation.”