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A Hamid Madjid Revocable Trust

Abe and Sidney Block Foundation

Abner D. and Roslyn Goldstine Living Trust

Abraham H Kaplan Foundation

Abram & D. Walter Cohen Foundation

Abramowitz Family Foundation

Abramson Family Foundation, Inc.

Adelson Medical Research Foundation

Al Mintz Revocable Trust

Alan B. Slifka Foundation Inc.

Albert & Lillian Small Foundation, Inc.

Albert G. Lowenthal Foundation

Albert H. Freed Revocable Trust

Albert Parvin Foundation

Alexander A. and Ruth E. Jacobson Charitable Foundation

Alexander Grass Foundation

Alice Lawrence Foundation

Aliza B. & Adam M. Rosenblum Charity Account

Allan W. Chernick Foundation

Alpha Omega Foundation

Amazon Smile Foundation

American Federation for Aging Research

American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Anglo-American Charitable Foundation

Ann and Robert Fromer Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Anna Sanders-Eigler Foundation

Anne R Umansky 1997 Revocable Living Trust

Anthony & Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation

Antoinette E. & Herman Boehm Foundation, Inc.

Arie & Eva Halpern Family Foundation

Ariowitsch Family Foundation Inc

Arnold and Anita Lorber Charitable Trust

Arrow Industry Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community

Arthur and Phyllis Wachtel Family Foundation

Arthur D. Zinberg Family Foundation

Asher Pelkis Foundation

Assouline-Lichten Foundation, Inc.


Aviv Foundation, Inc.

AVS Trust

Bader Philanthropies

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Barry & Myra Cohen Family Foundation

Barry H. Tigay Family Foundation

Baumol Family Foundation

Beatrice Bachrach Memorial Philanthropic Fund

Beatrice Balaban Revocable Trust

Belfer, Endelson & Cypres Family Philanthropic Fund

Belz Foundation

Benjamin R. Azulay Revocable Trust

Bennett Living Trust

Bernard M. and Audrey Jaffe Foundation

Betty Beller Trust

Betty E. Grossman Revocable Trust

Bialkin Family Foundation, Inc.

Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund

Bi-National Science Foundation

Blanche Lerner & Irwin Lerner Charitable Foundation

Blum Family Foundation

Bonnie S. Englebardt Family Charitable Trust

BP Foundation

Bradley Charitable Fund

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

Brindell Roberts Gottlieb Trust

Broadcom Foundation

Bruce and Leslie Lane Foundation

Canadian Institute for Advances Research

Canadian Institute of Health Research

Carl Marks Foundation Inc.

CAS Foundation, Inc.

CGLC Charitable Trust

Charles & Ellen Cogut Family Foundation, Inc.

Charles & M.R. Shapiro Foundation, Inc.

Charles D. Mayer Revocable Trust

Charles E. Smith Family Foundation

Charles I. Brown Foundation

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Chest and Foundation of the Fur Industry of the City of New

Claims Conference

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Concern Foundation

Congregation Ohav Shalom Minyan Fund

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs

Copeland Family Foundation

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

D & J Hirshmann Family Foundation

Daneshrad Family Trust

Daniel J. Goldman Foundation, Inc.

Darrel and Susan Ross Charitable Foundation

David and Ariella Lehrer Family Trust

David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation

David and Linda Moscow Foundation

David and Ruth Moskowitz Family Charitable Foundation

David and Sheila Cornstein Foundation

David Bruce Smith Family Foundation

David I. & Victoria R. Greenberg Memorial Scholarship Fund

David I. Friedman Revocable Trust

David Kahan Trust

David L. Gass Trust

David N. and Inez Myers Foundation

David N. Rosner Charitable Foundation

David Vickter Foundation

Dayle H. and Michael Katz Foundation

Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Della S Bramow Revocable Trust

Denise and William Meyer Foundation

Don & Susan Kang Charitable Foundation Inc.

Donald & Sylvia Robinson Family Foundation

Donald H. and Barbara K. Bernstein Family Foundation

Dorothy Tenney Charitable Trust

Dr. Louis A. and Anne B. Schneider Foundation

Edward & Ruth Wilkof Foundation

Edward C. and Linda Dresner Levy Foundation

Edward H. Kaplan Revocable Trust

Eibshutz Lazarus Charitable Foundation Inc

Elia & Fannie Karas Foundation, Inc.

Ellen Shapiro Jaffe 2003 Trust

Elliot D Baker Charitable Foundation

Epstein Foundation Inc.

Erb Foundation

Ernest and Alisa Kretzmer Charitable Foundation

Ernest Lowenstein Foundation

Ernst & Young Foundation

Erwin Rautenberg Foundation Fund

Eugene M. & Emily Grant Family Foundation

Fagenson Family Foundation

Fine Family Foundation

Fitzgerald Family Trust

Fortunoff Foundation

Foundation for Prader-Willi Research

Frances and Jack Levy Foundation

Frances Brody Foundation

Franklin Philanthropic Foundation

Frederick Loewe Foundation, Inc.

Freidkin Family Foundation

Frenkel Premises Trust

Fritz & Adelaide Kauffman Foundation

FSHD Global

Gabriela Weiss and Walter Weiss Trust

Gaines Family Foundation

Galaxy Cowboy, LLC

Gates Foundation

GE Foundation

Geller Family Revocable Trust

Gendal Family Charitable Foundation

George Kittredge Revocable Trust

George Wasserman Family Foundation

Gerald Klafter 1998 Revocable Trust

Gerard and Ruth Daniel Foundation, Inc.

GFF Foundation

Gilbert M. Frimet Revocable Trust

Glosser Family Revocable Trust

Goldberg-Rhapsody Foundation, Inc.

Goldfein Family Foundation, Inc.

Goldie Anna Charitable Trust

Goldinger Trust


Gordon Vida Trust

Greater Washington Community Foundation

Greta M. Koppel Living Trust

Gross Family Foundation

Grunebaum Foundation, Inc.

Gusti Brandt Foundation

H. Glenn & Geraldine Ziegenfuss Living Trust

Hadassah Foundation

Hall Family Foundation

Halper Family Foundation

Harold & Bette Wolfson Schapiro Foundation, Inc.

Harold I. & Faye B. Liss Foundation

Harold Lowenstein Revocable Trust

Harriet Roth Trust

Harry & Barbara Goldman Foundation

Harry and Barbara Goldman Foundation

Harvey and Lillian Silbert Foundation

Harvey Goodstein Foundation

Helen R. Stein Trust

Helmsley Trust

Herbert Simon Family Foundation

Herman & Dina Brodsky Family Charitable Foundation

Herman and Eleanor Gans Private Foundation

Herta Amir and Paul Amir Foundation

High Five Foundation

High Five Foundation II

Hilda and Hershel Rich Family Fund

Hilda F. Hamburger Revocable Trust

Hitter Family Foundation

Hollander Foundation

Hortley G. Leblang Charitable Foundation

Howard and Jackie Shapiro Foundation

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

HS Foundation

Human Frontier Science Program

Hyman and Ruth Muss Foundation, Inc.

Ike, Molly & Steven Elias Foundation

Ina Kay Foundation

Irene Tunkel Revocable Trust

Isidore C. & Penny W. Myers Foundation Endowment Fund

Israel Cancer Research Foundation

Israel Institute

J Satovsky Family Foundation

J Z L Foundation

J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Foundation

J.S. Marmor ITF S. E. B. Marmor

Jack and Ruth Hirsch Trust

Jacob B. Shamnosh Family Foundation

James & Ada Horwich Family Foundation

James S. McDonnell Foundation

Jan Pitcher Living Trust

Jane & Marc Nathanson Foundation

Jay and Mary Goldberg Charitable Trust

Jay Lefkowitz and Elena Neuman Lefkowitz Foundation


Jeffrey & Nancy Lane Foundation

Jesselson Foundation

Jewish Federation of Columbus GA

Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta

Jill and Jay Bernstein Family Foundation

Joan L. Garde Revocable Trust

John & Hilda Arnold Foundation

John Stephen Singer Foundation

John Templeton Foundation

Joseph & Rae Gann Charitable Foundation

Joseph and Beverly Shore Foundation

Joseph M. Schenck Foundation, Inc.

Joseph Rosenbach Foundation, Inc.

Judge & Mrs. Emanuel P. Snyder Fam. Trust

Judith and Frank Greenberg Foundation, Inc.

K A Lattman Foundation

Kanders Foundation, Inc. c/o The Northern Trust Company

Kanter Family Philanthropic Fund

Kathleen Ahmanson

Kathleen Hart Solovy Trust

Katten Muchin Rosenman Foundation, Inc.

Keats Family Foundation

Kenneth & Nira Abramowitz Foundation

Kenneth A. Lattman Foundation

Kerry and Simone Vickar Family Foundation

Kobor Family Foundation

Koffler Bornstein Family Foundation

Kohn Family Trust

Konar Foundation

Koret Foundation

Kozloff Family Charitable Trust

Lafer Family Foundation

Lane M. Sherman Family Trust

Lara Jo Kaplan Separate Property Trust

Laura & Harvey Alpert Charitable Foundation

Laura & Isaac Perlmutter Foundation, Inc.

Laurence Frances Weinstein Foundation Inc.

Laurie Kayden Foundation

Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund

Lavin Family Foundation

Lavin Foundation

Lawrence & Sandra Post Family Foundation

Leaky Foundation

Lee Perelstine Kagan Charitable Trust

Legacy Heritage Fund Limited

Leichtag Foundation

Leo & Betty Goldstein Family Foundation

Leona Z. Rosenberg Charitable Trust

Leonard & Annette Shapiro Family Foundation

Leonard & Joyce Wilstein Revocable Trust

Lester & Grace Maslow Foundation

Lewis Family Charitable Trust 10/12

Lewis Family Trust

Lewis M. Gabbe Foundation, Inc.

Loewy Foundation

Lotty Zucker Foundation

Louis & Miriam Rosenbaum Foundation

Louis Barbara Kahn Charitable Foundation

Louis C. & Celia K. Grossberg Foundation

Louis H. Gross Foundation, Inc.

Lu-Ben Cohen Family Foundation

Lumina Foundation

Luria Family Foundation

Lynn L. and Philipp Weisskopf Memorial Philanthropic Fund

Mandelbaum Foundation

Mann Foundation

March of Dimes

Marelda Charitable Foundation

Marilyn H. Paul Revocable Trust

Marilyn Saperstein Trust

Marina P. & Stephen E. Kaufman Foundation

Mark Palmer Revocable Trust

Marla & Joseph Shafran Foundation

Marshall L. & Barbara A. Tobins Family Charitable Foundation

Martha and Max Rubinstein Family Foundation

Martin and Mary L. Boyer Foundation

Martin J. Gross Family Foundation, Inc.

Martin S. Berger Family Foundation

Marvin A. & Ann L. Margolis Family

Maurice Amado Foundation Fund

Max & Sophie Mydans Foundation

Max Webb Foundation

Maxine Belsky Trust

May & Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.

Mayberg Foundation

Maydan Charitable Trust

Mehr Family Trust

Melanoma Research Alliance

Melvin & Estelle Gelman Foundation, Inc.

Melvin Nessel Foundation

Melvyn P.& Eleanor N. Galin Family Foundation

Merck Foundation

Merle S. Cahn Foundation

Metzger-Price Fund, Inc.

Meyer Handelman Fund

Michael & Nancy Sitrick Family Charitable Foundation

Michael and Jean Freed Family Foundation

Michael and Ruth Slade Foundation

Michael D. Hausfeld TTEE

Michael D. Sher Revocable Trust DTD

Michael J. Fox Foundation

Michael S. Feldberg-Ruth Lazarus Charitable Trust

Michel Family Foundation

Milken Family Foundation

Mills Family Charitable Foundation

Milton Richter Revocable Trust

Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

Minikes Charitable Foundation

Miriam Lengyel Endowment Fund

Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg Foundation

Mondelez International Foundation

Monique C. and George L. Braude Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Moritz and Charlotte Warburg Fund

Morris, Sylvia and Ginia D. Wexler Fund

Morton & Barbara Mandel Family Foundation

Morton W. Noble Revocable Trust

Mosbarger Family Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baker Family Foundation

Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation

Myna & Uri Herscher Family Found

NACDS Foundation

Nancy Brinker Charitable Foundation

Nat R. & Martha M. Knaster Charitable Trust

Natan and Sara Blutinger Charitable Foundation

Nathan & Coe Barshop Foundation

Nathan Lustman Trust

National Council of Jewish Women

National Geographic

National Institutes of Health

Neidorf Family Foundation

Neubauer Family Foundation

Nikoh Foundation

Nina and Norman Wain Family Foundation

Norma Kline Tiefel Foundation

Norman Barofsky Revocable Living Trust

Norman Levin Revocable Declaration of Trust

Olive Bridge Fund

Oliver Seikel Charitable Fund

Orna and Keenan Wolens Family Foundation

Osias Family Trust

Otto Schwartz Memorial Fund

Paskow Family Revocable Trust

Paul & Pearl Caslow Foundation

Paul E. Singer Foundation

Paul J. Kozloff Revocable Trust

Philip Elkus Trust

Phillip C. & Beverly Goldstick Family Foundation

Pincus Paul Restricted Fund

Posel Foundation – Sidney Committee

Quinn Emanuel Foundation

R & M Goldberg Family Foundation

Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation

Ram and Sara Yogev Scholarship Fund

Regal Family Charitable Trust

Reiss Family Foundation

Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.

Renee Pollack Revocable Living Trust

Richard & Jane Manoogian Foundation

Richard Friedman Family Foundation

Richenthal Foundation

Robert & Florence Kaufman Foundation, Inc.

Robert A. & Linda S. Friedman Foundation

Robert H. Smith Family Foundation

Robert M. and Marilyn Sternberg Family Charitable Foundation

Robert P. and Arlene R. Kogod Family Foundation

Robert Russell Memorial Foundation

Robert Sillins Family Foundation, Inc.

Robins Kaplan LLP

Rochelle & David A. Hirsch Foundation

Rockefeller Brothers Foundation

Rocker Family Foundation, Inc.

Rome Charitable Trust

Ronald Bershad Trust

Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation

Rosenson Foundation

Ruby Diamond Foundation

Rudnick Foundation

Rudolph and Greta Koppel Foundation, Inc

Russell Berrie Foundation

Ruth and Jack Glantz Family Foundation, Inc.

Ruth Resnikoff Trust No. 2

S & L Marx Foundation, Inc.

S Gary Spicer Sr Foundation

S&F Zaks Survivor’s Trust

Sabra Minkus Family Foundation

Salarc Foundation Inc.

Samantha and Jeremy Garelick Family Fund

Samson & Rena Cooper Family Foundation

Samuel & Lottie Rudin Scholarship Trust

Samuel and Helene Soref Foundation

Samuel Mozes RevocableTrust

Samuel P. Mandell Foundation

Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation

Sanford and Gabrielle Kuvin Foundation

Sarah and Paul Densen Charitable Family Foundation

Satell Family Foundation

Saul and Janice Linzer Foundation Tr

Saul Brandman Foundation

Schocken Foundation

Schwarz Foundation

Schwebel Family Foundation

Selma and Raymond Kramer Foundation, Inc.

Semyon and Janna Friedman Family Foundation, Inc.

Seymour V. & Zena Liplowitz Foundation Inc

Shaare Dina Charitable Trust

Shapiro Family Charitable Foundation

Shapiro-Silverberg Foundation

Shatz Family Foundation

Shlomo Y. and Tamar Rechnitz Charity Foundation

Shtofman Family Fund

Sidney Kohl Family Foundation

Siegel-Lazarus Family Foundation

Silverman Family Foundation, Inc.

Simons Foundation

Skolnick Family Charitable Trust

Smart Family Foundation of New York

Sol Matsil Revocable Trust

Solomon and Rose Turetsky Foundation Inc.

Sosnow Foundation, Inc.

Source Global Enterprises, Inc.

Spencer Foundation

Spencer M. Partrich Charitable Foundation

St. Andrews Foundation

Stanley and Eve Geller Family Foundation

Stanley and Roberta Bogen Charitable Foundation

Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation, Inc.

Stern Family Trust

Steven & Arlene Lazarus Foundation DAF

Steven W. and Ruth Katz Family Foundation, Inc.

Stuart S. Spater Revocable Trust

Sue and Martin Sherman Fund

Sun Shine On You Foundation

Susman Foundation

Suzanne Nora Johnson & David G. Johnson Foundation

Sydell and Arnold Miller Foundation

Sylvia F. Goodman Family Trust

Taconic Charitable Foundation

Targovnik Family Foundation

Temple B’Nai Torah Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Temple Hillel B’nai Torah

Temple Israel Charity Fund

Temple Israel, Minyan Fund

The 2003 Schorr Revocable Trust

The Ahmanson Foundation

The Alexander Kushner Rev Inter Vivos Trust

The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies

The Anne and Ronald Abramson Family Foundation

The Arthur and Janet Hershaft Foundation

The Axelrod Family Foundation, Inc.

The Bandier Family Foundation

The Berry Foundation

The Bialer Family Foundation

The Blanche and Irwin Lerner Charitable Foundation

The Blum Family Foundation, Inc.

The Blumenkrantz Foundation

The Bressler/Robbins Foundation

The Buller Foundation

The C & H Schwab Living Trust

The Candy and Aaron Spelling Foundation

The Chrein Family Foundation

The Cohen Family Trust

The Cooper Family Foundation

The David & Sondra Mack Family Foundation, Inc.

The David and Susan Strauss Foundation, Inc.

The David Berg Foundation, Inc.

The David Geffen Foundation

The David N. and Inez Myers Foundation

The Davidow Charitable Fund

The Dorothy G. Bender Foundation

The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation, Inc.

The Edward & Lucille Kimmel Foundation, Inc.

The Flinkman Family Trust

The G&A Foundation Inc.

The Gal Foundation, Inc.

The Gershwind Family Foundation c/o JFI

The Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher Foundation

The Gloria and Sidney Danziger Foundation, Inc.

The Gloria Belsh Family Trust

The Goodman Charitable Trust

The Goodwin Levine Foundation, Inc.

The Gores Foundation

The Green Family 1996 Living Trust

The Harold & Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust

The Harold and Carol Pump Foundation

The Henley Foundation

The Herbert and Dorothy Kunstadt Foundation, Inc.

The Herbst Private Family Foundation

The Howard and Judy Berkowitz Foundation

The Howard B. Bernick Foundation

The Irving Harris Foundation

The Isidore Grossman Foundation

The Jacobson Family Foundation

The Joseph Beverly Shore Foundation

The Jules & Gwen Knapp Charitable Foundation

The Karen W. Miller and Barry H. Miller Family Foundation

The Karev Foundation

The Karsh Family Foundation

The Knapp Family Foundation, Inc.

The Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation, Inc.

The Leir Charitable Foundations

The Lester G. Abeloff Foundation

The Libby E. Anfinsen Revocable Trust

The Litwin Foundation, Inc.

The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, Inc.

The M & T Charitable Foundation

The Madeleine Vilmos Family Trust

The Maguen Liv Trust

The Martin Gregge Trust

The Marvin & Elaine Gottlieb Family Foundation

The Miller Family Trust

The Mitchell & Hilarie Morgan Family Foundation

The Naomi Prawer Kadar Foundation

The Norma R Vinick Trust

The Ochsman Foundation, Inc.

The Philip and Janet Shapiro Family Foundation, Inc.

The Phyllis Gendal Revocable Trust

The Robert G. and Ellen S. Gutenstein Family Foundation, Inc

The Ronnie F. Heyman Foundation, LLC

The Rosalind Scheffler 2013 Trust

The Rosener Family Trust

The Rothschild Family Foundation, Inc.

The Rubin Chaplik Foundation

The Samuel Kessler Trust

The Sandy & Jean Colen Family Foundation

The Setton Foundation

The Shepard Broad Foundation, Inc.

The Sherman Family Trust

The Sidewater Family Foundation, Inc.

The Sidney & Mildred Edelstein Foundation

The Stanley & Joyce Black Family Foundation

The Starr Foundation

The Stern Family Foundation

The Survivor’s Trust under the Lowell D. & Ina Zeleznick Family

The Susan Stein Shiva Foundation

The Sylvia Schwartz Revocable Trust

The Terry and Denise Acvhen Family Trust

The Tishkoff Family Trust

The Wagner Family Charitable Fund

The Wagner Foundation

The Weinstein Mitzvah Foundation, Inc.

The Weisman Family Foundation

The William and Phyllis Mack Family Foundation

The William Penn Foundation

Theodore and Ruth Baum Charitable Foundation

Thomas & Roberta Glassman Family Trust

Thomas A and Diann G Mann Foundation

Tibor & Sheila Hollo Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Tithe Account Wegwart

Trust Agreement of Sam Schenfeld

United States Agency for International Development

United States Department of Energy

Vattikutti Foundation

Victor and Lorraine Diamond Revocable Trust

Virginia B. & Norton Sharpe Fund

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

W. M Keck Foundation

Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Life Improvement

Wechsler Foundation Inc.

Will & Jan Sukenik Family Foundation

William & Leona Lorberbaum Charitable Foundation

William and Dewey Edelman Charitable Trust

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

William Davidson Foundation

Winnick Family Foundation

Wolf Family Foundation Inc.

Woll-Yellin Family Foundation

Yitzhak Rabin Foundation

Yvonne and Leslie Pollack Foundation Inc.

Zantker Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Zev W. Chayes Family Trust