Read the 2013 Lautenberg Center Research Update

The Lautenberg Center, headed by Professor Eitan Yefenof, has achieved international recognition as a major unit for research and instruction in immunological science. Its personnel includes more than 30 faculty members, postdoctoral and research associates. Organized into several independent, but closely collaborating research units, the center’s staff, is pursuing a multifaceted program of investigation in tumor immunology, transplantation immunology, and basic cellular and molecular immunology. More than 1000 scientific communications – articles reporting research findings, reviews, chapters in textbooks and in symposium publications, books, and abstracts of lectures presented at international scientific conventions – have been published by investigators conducting their studies in the center’s laboratories.

The center offers formal courses of lecture and laboratory instruction in immunology, molecular biology, tumor biology and host-parasite relationship studies to medical, dentistry, and pharmacy students, and to undergraduate and graduate students in the natural sciences. Large numbers of graduate and medical students, including many from abroad, pursue dissertational research at the center, and foreign scholars with advanced standing are frequent visitors for prolonged periods of joint investigational endeavors.

A variety of clinical services and consultation to hospitals in Israel is provided, especially through its affiliated Unit of Tissue typing. The Lautenberg Center is linked to Israel and international scientific and medical communities by an intensive, ongoing program of collaborative basic studies and by its active role in the planning and carrying out of clinical trials pertaining to the diagnosis and therapy of neoplastic, infectious and parasitic diseases.

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