vladyVlady Cornateanu is a graduate of The Hebrew University with an MA in Archaeology. He serves as the President and CEO of Addiction, an apparel sourcing and manufacturing intermediary for private label companies, and FeedIt, a social network app for iOS and Android devices. Vlady was born in Romania and immigrated to Israel as a child. While his studies in archeology originally brought him to the U.S., he now has over 22 years of experience in the apparel industry.

His latest projects are a result of his extensive traveling in China for manufacturing. In 2005, he started a new venture to bring U.S. companies to China and introduce them to business possibilities there. The type of businesses ranged from manufacturing to investments to product development. His insight into China opened the way for companies without any prior knowledge to start businesses and prosper there.

Additionally, he is working with Chinese companies looking to expand into the U.S. market and help them open their businesses in Los Angeles. The city provides many incentives to overseas companies that are opening facilities in Los Angeles county.

Another of Vlady’s current projects is the 2016 GISF and Guangzhou-Los Angeles-Auckland Art Exhibition–Los Angeles & Auckland Select Brands Exhibition. It was a 16-day shopping festival running this fall in Guangzhou. It provided a unique opportunity to showcase consumer products to thousands of Guangzhou’s increasingly affluent consumers. The exhibition was held at Grandview Mall, the largest modern shopping center that perfectly integrates retail, recreation, dining, convention and exhibition, sports, tourism and business

Vlady’s has lived in Los Angeles since 1978. He has been back to Israel many times with his wife (a Hebrew U alumna) and three sons. In addition to his current work, Vlady hopes to take on projects to strengthen Israel-China business relationships.