GLOCAL is the only academic program in Israel that trains young professionals for employment as community development workers in Israel or the developing world.  The interdisciplinary 18-month M.A. program includes Israeli students studying together with students from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

The program translates academic research into practical understanding. An integral part of GLOCAL is the internship, which serves to supplement each student’s academic learning with a grounded, local experience and solid professional guidance. The full-time, four-month internships include hands-on development work where students gain the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to help improve the lives of people in disadvantaged communities.

In addition, GLOCAL encourages alumni to be involved in international and community development by initiating independent projects. The goal is to stimulate initiatives that will allow alumni to explore new directions in international and community development and will allow for project evaluation, feasibility research, needs assessment, and training-related participation, all under the guidance and support of GLOCAL professionals.

Examples of 2020 internships include:

Jean Claude Muhire, from Rwanda, has experience in community mobilization, micro-grants, and strategic planning. His project seeks to increase access to education and psycho-social support for Rwandan HIV orphans and children living with HIV. Despite improvements made in fighting the disease, Rwandan children still suffer severe stigma, poverty, and poor access to education and social mobility.

Liel Maghen, from Israel, has vast experience in promoting Israeli-Palestinian dialogue and various initiatives to promote communication between Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Her initiative seeks to improve the capacity of Palestinian women to generate income from honey and related products, fostering financial independence and skills development.

Kareen Zabow, from Israel, has many years’ experience working in Africa. Her project includes plans to build a local cultural center in a South African community that has seen little benefit from the tourism industry in their region. The program will take steps to empower the community and help the community benefit from the region’s tourism industry.

Measurable Outcomes:

  • Internship impact (# of people touched by overall project, change created, changing rates of health or literacy or income, etc.)
  • Number of people affected by students’ internships
  • Products created by alumni projects


Internship: $7,500 x2

Seed Funding for Alumni Projects: $7,000 x 2