TISSUE DYNAMICS: A Quantum Leap in Drug Development

Mayer Brown LLC hosted a NexusTalks event with Professor Yaakov Nahmias at its NYC office on Tuesday evening. The crowd was engaged as Professor Nahmias described how his company, Tissue Dynamics, is poised to disrupt the drug development industry. Testing the effectiveness and safety of potential new drugs typically costs billions and takes many years. Tissue Dynamics changes the process by implanting tiny sensors in human tissue which then transmit how the tissue responds to the drug being tested. This data offers insight into a drug’s potential effectiveness and safety and provides more information than traditional drug testing.

When asked about the implications of Tissue Dynamics on world health, Professor Nahmias said, “This platform will significantly reduce the time and cost for a drug to get to market. For the first time, the industry is going to see competition from the smaller drug companies because the process will be more affordable and attainable for them.”

Professor Nahmias developed this technology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU), a hub of innovation and the center of the Jerusalem and Israeli high-tech ecosystems. NexusTalks events are part of NEXUS:ISRAEL, a showcase for HU-generated technology. Visit www.nexusisrael.org to stay informed about upcoming NexusTalks events and to engage with the NEXUS:ISRAEL community.