Meet and Greet with CEO Josh Rednik, Featuring Students of Tzameret

On October 1, the Mid-Atlantic Region hosted a reception welcoming Josh Rednik, CEO of American Friends of the Hebrew University and the students of Tzameret, Hebrew University’s elite military medical exchange program. Held at the Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, MD, supporters gathered to hear Josh discuss the goals of the University and the important role of the American Friends in the Mid-Atlantic.  

The students from the Tzameret Student Exchange Program, based at Bethesda’s Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, gave an overview of the program and their course of study. Recognizing the importance of military medicine in saving lives on the battlefield and in emergency situations, Tzameret was founded in 2009 in partnership with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Degree candidates in the Tzameret program fulfill the full six-year medical school curriculum at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School and then complete an internship year. They also receive specialized training in medicine and infrastructure that equips them to function as triage military personnel.  

The audience was engaged in a lively question and answer session where the students provided information on the program and its impact on their lives and future in medicine. To learn more about Tzameret and the Institute for Research in Military Medicine, please click here.