LEAD Participants Take Part in AFHU Board’s Palm Beach Weekend

AFHU welcomed its Leadership Empowerment and Development Program (LEAD) Cohort II participants in Palm Beach during the AFHU Board weekend. Beginning on Saturday, January 14th, 14 members of the new LEAD class gathered for three days of stimulating and engaging conversation and education.   

Highlights of the program included sessions with HU leadership and professors, including HU President Professor Asher Cohen, Chancellor Menahem Ben-Sasson, Professor Shy Arkin, and Professor Ori Adam. LEAD members also had a chance to meet with and learn about AFHU through a series of programs with Josh Rednik, Elissa Fishman, Monica Loebl, Glennys Huhn, Miryam Greene, Clive Kabatznik, and Daniel Schlessinger.   

LEAD members also enjoyed fun dinners out on the town, live music, Survey Says (aka Family Feud) with AFHU-style questions, and informal networking and team building. Members of Cohort II are already becoming fast friends, building relationships with each other and the university.   

This is the second cadre of participants in the successful AFHU LEAD program, which connects future leaders to Israel’s premier research university, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This exclusive, 18-month immersive program is designed to develop a new generation of AFHU leaders who will serve as ambassadors for the university and its mission, as well as promoters of Israel’s bright future. 

The Cohort II participants are: 

Ariel Anson
Beverly Hills, CA
Spencer Anson
New York, NY
Michelle Bernstein
Chicago, IL
Milan Chatterjee
Las Vegas, NV 
Julia Cherlow
Los Angeles, CA 
Samantha Edelson
New York, NY 
Dr. Jillian Frieder
Boca Raton, FL 
Gali Grant
Los Angeles, CA 
Michael Kotick
La Canada, CA 
Marissa Lepor
Beverly Hills, CA 
Jesse Levin
Los Angeles, CA 
Jesse Phillips
Washington, DC
Jeremy Schrier
Atlanta, GA 
David Wulkan
Los Angeles, CA 

AFHU LEAD includes three U.S.-based sessions featuring in-depth leadership training, educational seminars, and networking opportunities. In addition, a week-long Israel experience, hosted at Hebrew University, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the start-up nation. LEAD provides exclusive access to Hebrew University innovations, research breakthroughs, and new technologies designed for global impact.