An Event of Biblical Proportions: AFHU Western Region Hosts Exclusive Preview of the Unique Codex Sassoon Hebrew Bible

American Friends of Hebrew University (AFHU) Western Region guests attended an exclusive event to preview the unique Codex Sassoon Hebrew Bible at Sotheby’s Beverly Hills last Tuesday (May 2). The Codex will be auctioned in New York on May 17 and is estimated by Sotheby’s to sell for $30 million. 

The event was hosted by AFHU Western Region Executive Director Justin Pressman. Sotheby’s Judaica Consultant, Shaul Seidler-Feller (photo below) regaled attendees with background on the Manuscript named for its most prominent modern owner: David Solomon Sassoon (1880–1942), a passionate collector of Judaica and Hebraic manuscripts.  

The 466-page manuscript is the earliest, most complete Hebrew Bible, containing all 24 books, and missing only 12 leaves. Created approximately 1,100 years ago, the contents were digitized, reviewed, and analyzed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) Faculty of Humanities researchers as part of its Bible Project.