November 25th is observed as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. In light of the recent Oct. 7th massacre, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem released the following statement:

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Israel Observatory on Femicide of the University (founded by Prof. Shalva Weil) vehemently condemns the horrific murders of women and girls in Israel by the terrorist organization Hamas. “The recent weeks have exposed Hamas’ heinous crimes against humanity on October 7th, revealing their ruthless and deadly actions targeting women, which include rape, torture, atrocities against mothers in the presence of their children, kidnapping, and murder. The silence of international organizations, including the United Nations, stirs profound and troubling emotions. Their deafening silence evokes dark chapters in human history and becomes even more chilling considering the mounting evidence of femicide, human rights violations, and rape presented to them. We fervently pray for the swift return of all hostages, security forces, soldiers, and all the women involved.”