November 21, 2023 – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has announced a new and extensive aid package for every student called upon for combat or support duties in response to the October 7th massacre.

The significant aid package includes a financial grant starting at NIS 2,000 (about $536.55) and thousands of shekels in addition to academic, financial, and emotional support. The aid recognizes the invaluable contribution of reserve service students within the Hebrew University community.

“We are assisting approximately 4,000 enlisted students, ensuring their seamless integration into the upcoming academic year,” says Prof. Asher Cohen, President of the Hebrew University. “The Hebrew University takes immense pride in our reserve service students for their unwavering dedication and admirable heroism during these challenging days. We extend our heartfelt wishes for a safe return home!”

In conjunction with the financial grant disbursed directly to students, Hebrew University is committed to facilitating the seamless reintegration of reserve students into academic life. To support this transition, a personalized academic assistance program will be provided. This aid includes tutoring, supplemental reinforcement sessions, and course materials. Additionally, subsidized psychological support services offered through the Dean of Students’ Psychological Services will be available.

For research students engaged in reserve duty, the continuation of research scholarships will be guaranteed through December. Moreover, exclusive benefits involve complete exemption from dormitory rent during the reserve period and access to a specialized assistance scholarship for unique situations.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem community recently launched the “We Are One” campaign in the U.S. and worldwide to provide aid and support to a large segment of their community impacted by the Hamas terrorist attacks. The fund, accommodating fast-changing and increasing needs, will support those affected by the war and its aftermath. To donate to the We Are One fund, please click here.