Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as well as several Yissum start-up companies are exploring a variety of methods to combat the COVID-19 virus, through investigations into AI drug discovery, biochemical detection tools and diagnostic capabilities. A number of researchers submitted proposals to the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) today under the IIA’s program to fast track COVID-19 related research.

“We are reaching out to industry to help bring these ideas to fruition,” said Dr. Itzik Goldwaser, CEO of Yissum, the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University. “Among the early-stage technologies currently being developed are creative ideas spanning drug discovery, MedTech and medical equipment as well as systems to better diagnose and treat coronavirus. Our researchers have proposed a large number of ideas that include repurposing current drug treatments, face masks that can actively kill the Covid-19 virus, and even plant-based diagnostic tools and treatments.”

In addition to the research proposals submitted to the IIA, many Yissum subsidiaries have also rapidly adjusted to use their established core technologies to fight against the deadly virus.

Notable among them are:

Pepticom: Pepticom is implementing its proprietary core AI technology on various Coronavirus proteins and the ACE2 to identify novel inhibitors that can fight Sars Cov2. They are currently looking for partners to validate and develop these peptide drug candidates.

Enlivex: Has developed a medication that could help treat severe symptoms of COVID-19 including catastrophic organ failure.

For further details on how to partner with Yissum on these emerging technologies, please contact the company via its website at