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This year, we have faced trying times, adversity, and unique uncertainties. From a global pandemic, social unrest, and economic turmoil, our world has been upended. But one thing remains steadfast: the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s (HU) commitment to expanding the boundaries of knowledge through groundbreaking research and bold, lifesaving innovation. 

No matter the challenge, HU rises to the occasion.

We have made real progress in medical advances, social justice, and beyond. Progress like:

  • Advances in COVID-19 testing and research. HU scientists developed a faster screening method for COVID-19, with the potential to surpass previous methods by a factor of 100 or even 1,000. This promising innovation has been made available online to encourage global implementation and has enabled a dedicated group of HU faculty and student volunteers to process more than 30% of Israel’s COVID-19 diagnostic tests in HU laboratories.
  • Educating future leaders. The Center for the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity explores issues of multiculturalism and diversity on both the academic and practical levels. The Center supports research and academic discussion investigating questions such as the relationship between national, religious, and civic identity, between majority and minority, and between multiculturalism and shared society.
  • Giving a voice to the marginalized. Through the university’s Clinical Legal Education Center Hebrew University law students provide pro-bono legal assistance (under the supervision of HU Law faculty) to those who are otherwise unable to afford legal representation. Most recently, the Center helped individuals affected by pandemic-related layoffs receive proper government aid.

We may not know what tomorrow will bring, but we can be certain that the researchers and students at the Hebrew University will continue their pursuit for knowledge, justice, and the revolutionary breakthroughs that make our world a better, healthier, and safer place. Your support is needed today—more than ever—for this progress to continue.

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