x_TheHorseradishC7zip_letterhead_V3The Horseradish Challenge is all about hope, possibility, and building a better future for the people of Israel. It’s a reminder that we are all obligated to provide our children with hope for a brighter tomorrow and opportunities to realize it – regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or social status. By taking the Horseradish Challenge™ – and encouraging friends and family to join you – you will help jump-start groundbreaking programs for Israel’s youth at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Horseradish Challenge™ will support Hebrew University’s Center for the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity and First Star Academy-Jerusalem. 

The Center for the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity is uniquely positioned to encourage inclusiveness, dialogue and understanding among Israel’s youth and future leaders – Jewish, Christian and Muslim alike.

Recently launched at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Center  is the Middle East’s first university-based initiative dedicated to the promotion of civil society, democracy, and pluralism, bringing together students and faculty from varied backgrounds with the goal of fostering respectful dialogue and debate and a sense of shared social responsibility.

First Star Academy-Jerusalem is a new program under development at The Hebrew University that will provide foster youth from across Israeli society the opportunity to attend life-changing college-readiness programs.

Successfully implemented on college campuses across the U.S., First Star’s Foster Youth Academies keep high-risk foster youth on track for high school graduation and prepare them for college. The Academy’s  immersive residential summer sessions – reinforced by return visits throughout the school year – create a sense of community while building critical academic and life skills.

So get ready to clear your sinuses and support a critical cause! You can learn more about the programs, how to participate and more information on The Horseradish Challenge™ here.