Shaping the future of sustainable food production through scientific research in biochemistry and nutrition.

At the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science, and Nutrition the chief question remains: What is the future of food? With agricultural land dwindling and food insecurity rising around the world, the answer is crucial to the future.

The Institute’s mission is to conduct research that will empower food growers with new methods to maximize their output and reduce their impact on the environment.

With the guidance and vision of visiting scientists, exchange students, and post-doctoral fellows from around the world, the Institute is exploring how food production can be improved for the benefit of all humanity.

Advancing Innovation in Food Knowledge

At the Institute, new ideas and technology combine to inform research that will increase farming yields, raise nutritional values, improve diets, streamline distribution methods, and reduce demand for animal-based proteins globally.

Research ranges from basic to applied science, technological advancements, and interdisciplinary collaborations among faculty scientists as well as with international, industry-leading professionals.

The Institute has four major areas of research expertise:

  1. Functional foods and nutraceuticals: Investigating therapeutic properties of food products
  2. Food science, technology, and biochemistry: Improving food quality and safety and developing innovative technologies for new product development
  3. Nutrition and health: Exploring the effects of diet on gene expression and metabolism, nutrigenomics, and nutrigenetics
  4. Clinical and community nutrition interventions: Promoting food security and healthy eating habits within Israel’s immigrant communities, schools, and preschool children

Global Impact

The Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science, and Nutrition awards degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for students from around the world.

Like other programs at the Hebrew University’s Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, the Institute is dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise throughout the international community by providing opportunities to acquire advanced academic knowledge and learn cutting-edge practical applications.

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