Working to better the welfare of the global community

For too many people around the world, healthcare is a luxury. Community access to doctors and hospitals is difficult, sometimes impossible. This is true for developing nations and marginalized communities, even in the world’s wealthiest cities.

The Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine is working to change this inequity. By funding and developing world-class public health research, training, policy, and similar programs, the Braun School is helping to build public health systems around the world that are just, equitable, and effective.

Multidisciplinary teams of doctors, field researchers, public policy experts, data analysts, epidemiologists, sociologists, and others collaborate to take on the world’s greatest public health challenges — while striving to raise up the next generation of global public health leaders.

The Braun School’s goal is to prevent disease and promote healthcare everywhere — from small communities to entire countries.


Good public health requires a commitment to great science, as well as thoughtful policy and practice. But at the heart of every health system is a community of people with differing experiences and perspectives. At the Braun School, educators harness this diversity to build better healthcare systems.

By giving voice to a variety of viewpoints and calling upon the expertise of multiple disciplines, the Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine is creating better, more resilient public health strategies — strategies that public health leaders around the world are using to guide actions within their own communities.

Through the advancement of public health practices, research, and teaching — American Friends of the Hebrew University’s support for the Braun School and similar programs is helping create better health for a better world.