HU Alumni Association Presents: Who Knows One?

On February 7, 2021, alumni and friends in the U.S. and Israel joined together for a special edition of the new hit Facebook game, Who Knows One?, featuring Rothberg International School alumni. During the game, two teams are given a name, known as the “Chosen One” along with some clues and are tasked to bring the person into the game. The catch? They can’t do any Internet searching and can only reach out to people they are already connected with. The first person to bring the Chosen One into the game wins. Our Rothberg contestants were aided by fellow alumni, friends, and family who donated help to expedite the searches and all donations benefited the Hebrew University Alumni Annual Fund, which supports scholarships at the Hebrew University.

Hosted by Micah Hart, also a Rothberg alumnus, the game was filled with friendly competition, lots of laughter, and reconnecting with old friends.