One year ago, Cleveland Clinic and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem celebrated the launch of the virtual Center for Transformative Nanomedicine.

Since then, friends of Cleveland Clinic and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem have come together to raise awareness about the Center and provide critical funding to initiate two groundbreaking disease research projects.

Recently Funded Projects

Drugging the Microbiome to Treat Breast Cancer

two scientists examiningResearchers are  asking: What if an imbalance in our microbiome, the trillions of bacteria that live in and on our bodies, is related to our likelihood of developing cancer? Preliminary data suggests that breast cancers may be associated with an imbalance within a specific bacterial community. This project will focus on the impact of delivering antibiotics and antimetabolites within a nanoparticle directly to the site,  potentially to create balance and stunt tumor progression while decreasing the harmful side effects caused by traditional cancer treatments. Led by Arieh Moussaieff, PhD (The Hebrew University), Chezy Barenholz (The Hebrew University), Stephen Grobmyer, MD (Cleveland Clinic) and Charis Eng, MD, PhD (Cleveland Clinic).  

Analysis MRI of brainNovel Microchip Testing to Develop Therapies for Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive form of brain cancer. Despite advances in neuro-oncology, glioblastoma remains lethal and with limited therapeutic success. Recent stem cell discoveries in the lab have enabled scientists to replicate patient brain tumors, which will create more therapeutic testing opportunities. This project will harness this stem cell innovation as well as nanotechnology by using microchips to deliver therapeutic options to the lab-generated tumor. This may reveal critical information about safety and effective treatment for brain tumors. Led by Professor Yaakov (Koby) Nahmias, PhD (The Hebrew University) and Jeremy N. Rich, MD, MHA, MBA (Cleveland Clinic).