Transliteration: Ha-oo-nuh-ver’-see-ta Ha-ee-vreet’ B’yeh-roo-shah-lie’-yim’ 

“Ha” in Hebrew is “the” so the “the” is part of the University’s name.

Why the “Hebrew” University?

HU’s founding fathers, mostly from Germany, envisioned that this university would become “a light unto the nations” and a world class academic and research institution so they contemplated teaching in German, which was the recognized scientific language of the time, but then decided that because Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people, Hebrew must be the official language of the university and therefore named this university: the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Why “Jerusalem” and why is “Jerusalem” in the University’s name?

HU’s founding fathers, early Zionists in the 1880s, believe there was a need for a “university of the Jewish people” in the homeland of the Jewish people and they believed that the only place to establish this university was in Jerusalem – the spiritual center of the Jews and of the world.

AFHU – American Friends Hebrew University: our acronym

Explanation of the HU logo also used in the AFHU logo

The HU logo is a combination of stylized Hebrew letters, alef and ayin , the first letters of (ha) oonaverseeta (University) and (ha)eevreet (Hebrew). Atop these letters in the logo is the torch of learning which is kept alive by faculty who teach and conduct world class research, students who learn and donors whose support continues to nurture the flame.

AFHU always feels honored to present an AFHU donor with an AFHU Founder pin or other item of recognition or appreciation with the HU logo because it gives AFHU donors a wonderful opportunity to speak about their support of the university and spread the word about the importance of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to us, to Jerusalem, to Israel, and to the world. 

HU is: 

  • Israel’s premier academic institution, preparing the next generation of leaders and professionals. 
  • Israel’s leading research and development institution. 
  • The world’s leading resource in Jewish Studies and numerous scientific, medical, and technological fields. 

Furthermore, HU: 

  • Promotes peace and understanding in the Middle East and around the world. 
  • Promotes tolerance and pluralism. 
  • Plays a critical role in shaping the present and future of Jerusalem.
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