Victor Cohn has provided philanthropic leadership to a broad range of Jewish communal, civic and medical causes in the United States and Israel. President of Omni Realty Company, Inc. , Victor Cohn has maintained 103828 Brawner 10-12-15a longstanding commitment to The Hebrew University. He is an Associate Governor of the University and has served on AFHU’s national board. Victor and his wife Ellen have created important educational opportunities for disadvantaged students from Beit Shean, Israel, enabling these young scholars to achieve their academic goals through the Victor J. and Ellen E. Cohn Scholarships at Hebrew University. The Cohns will be recognized in 2016 on the Wall of Benefactors in tribute to their unwavering educational support for deserving young people.

A dedicated supporter of Cleveland Clinic, Victor Cohn helped to spearhead a scientific partnership between The Hebrew University and Cleveland Clinic to establish a virtual Center for Transformative Nanomedicine. Teams of Israeli and U.S. scientists will work to develop effective new drugs and drug delivery systems designed to alleviate global health threats: neurological diseases, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Victor Cohn and his family have provided a major leadership gift in support of this groundbreaking collaboration.