Since its inception in 1925, the Hebrew University has considered research as one of its foremost goals. The University was established in the tradition of the classic research institutions, where members of the faculty are expected to be actively involved in research on an international level. The University constantly strives to maintain its status as a leader in research in Israel and affirm its international reputation for high-level research. Hebrew University research increases human knowledge and our understanding of the world. The university places a strong emphasis on both experimental and theoretical sciences.

Research Objectives

  • To increase the number of faculty members conducting research
  • To increase the range of areas under investigation
  • To increase the scope of specialization of each individual researcher
  • To increase the number and quality of publications and patents
  • To improve the ratio between investment and output in scientific activity
  • To maximize commercial development of basic and applied research

These goals are sought within the framework of available Israeli and international research funding, and by utilizing the university’s scientific infrastructure, facilities and equipment, subject to the relevant laws and regulations governing research in Israel and at Hebrew University.

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Yissum is The Hebrew University’s technology transfer company.  Yissum is responsible for marketing the inventions and know-how generated by the university’s renowned researchers and students. It is ranked among the top technology transfer companies worldwide.

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