Nearly 500 guests attended a series of weekend events highlighted by lively and insightful discussions on Israeli politics by Professor Reuven Hazan, chair of the Faculty of Political Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  During the event, co-chairs Ellen and Victor Cohn, AFHU Board of Regents member, hosted a special reception in their home for Professor Hazan and guests. Fellow co-chairs for the June 27-29, 2014 Weekend of Learning were Carol and Scott Burg, AFHU national Board member,  Rina and Samuel Frankel, Elaine and Beno Michel, AFHU Board of Regents member, and Barbara and Norman Wain, AFHU Board of Regents member.   Event committee members were Susannah and Avery Cohen, Linda and Charles Gruenspan, Teri Rube Hochberg, Eppie and Sanford Shore, Leo Silberman, Brian Sokol, Aaron Weinberg, Margy Weinberg, Neil Weinberger and Ruth Wolfson.