Tehani PHOTODuring high school, I was interested in studying law. The summer after graduation, I was chosen to be a peer supporter for young participants at the Seeds of Peace camp in Portland, Maine. The camp brings together young people from countries with political conflict. This experience was deeply gratifying and made me realize the importance of human contact and helping other people in my daily life. The peer supporter position required me to listen; to accept others despite not agreeing with them and to help them with their difficulties. I also learned to see the human behind the religious or national identity.

After I returned to Israel, I volunteered in the Rambam Medical Center, assisting in the gynecology department. Working there further enhanced my desire to help people with medical problems. I understood the critical role of good health. I was interested in becoming a doctor for the sake of helping others and due to my interest in the biology and physiology of our fascinating human body.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is one of the top universities in the world, especially regarding medical school. It is the most desirable medical school in Israel because HU has a board of the best scientists in the country and continuously raises money and awareness for research. I was highly motivated and eager to be part of such a pioneering and advanced university.

My experience at The Hebrew University has been challenging. Our university collects the top students in the country (it has the highest threshold grades for getting accepted) and consequently, it’s a very competitive atmosphere. The expectations are high, and the exams are considered to be the hardest in the country. This experience prepares students for challenges and to be the best we can be. During my time at HU I had the honor to be taught by one of the best professors and work with one of Israel’s best doctors during a clinical rotation, in one of the nation’s biggest and most advanced medical centers. In addition to the academics, I got to know great people whom became my closest friends and I gained a small diverse family.

During the last five years, I’ve had experiences as part of my studies that have changed me in many ways. I’ve met people from many different cultures and backgrounds. I’ve been exposed to many medical situations: stressful, emotional, intimate, frightening, sad or happy. All of these had an influence in shaping my personality. I’ve become more empathic, a better listener, more responsible and a less judgmental person. I’ve become more appreciative for what life offers us and more aware of the significance of good health. As a result, my ambition to get others to be as healthy as possible also has grown.

I’m having the time of my life in LA. During these weeks I’ve learned a lot, and my experience in the medical field has expanded. It was an honor to meet some top doctors and to be exposed to more advanced procedures and techniques. This experience opens the doors for me to come back and hopefully conduct my fellowship in the United States.