At the Annual Leadership Education Forum (ALEF) held in Palm Beach on January 17, 2016, Hebrew University of Jerusalem experts and other leading individuals led panel discussions on vital issues and gave insightful presentations on recent university breakthroughs and innovations.  Keynote speakers were Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Consul General of Israel in New York, and Maxine Fassberg, Intel Israel CEO. Political panelists were Ambassador Yossi Gal, HU Vice President for Advancement and External Relations, and Ambassador Stuart Bernstein, former U.S. Ambassador to the Denmark. Hebrew U Professors Yaakov Nahmias and Uriel Levy, and Dr. Naomi Habib, HU alumna and Postdoctoral fellow at MIT and Harvard, highlighted the university’s groundbreaking advances in Nanotechnology, Bioengineering and Neurobiology.  HU President, Professor Menahem Ben-Sasson, brought greetings from the university.

All photos by Capehart Photography | Click on each thumbnail to view the larger image.

Mitchell Shadowitz,
Ambassador Yossi Gal, Maxine Fassberg, Beth Shadowitz and Professor Menahem Ben-Sasson

Stanley Bogen with Ambassadors Yossi Gal
and Stuart Bernstein

Bruce Gendelman and Robert Snyder

Ron Zimmerman and Stanley Bogen

Clive Kabatznik, Amy Goldin and Brian Strelitz

Chad Abrams, Rina Frankel, Professor Yaakov Nahmias and Samuel Frankel

Dr. Peter and Jane Weinstein and Judy Weiss

Dr. Beno and Elaine Michel with Ambassador Yossi Gal

Arthur Gutterman and Professor Menahem Ben-Sasson

Michael Margolis and Clive Kabatznik

Meera and Marc Mayer

Ari Rifkin and
Dr. Maria Spinak

Ambassador Yossi Gal, Prof. Yaakov Nahmias and Prof. Uriel Levy with Sheldon Hechtman

Ambassador Ido Aharoni

Ambassadors Yossi Gal and Stuart Bernstein
in conversation