Sigal and I met in one of the most mundane situation. I came for a job interview at the Rothberg International School, Office of Student Activities. I was interviewing for the position of a student counselor and my interviewer was the social coordinator of the preparatory program, Sigal. We didn’t know each other before and so everything was professional and to the point, with no signs of any romance.

I did get the job and started working closer with Sigal, as part of a team of four counselors. Gradually, we got to know each other a little better and the work conversations became more and more personal. We opened up and became really good friends and quickly from there, about three months after I started working there, we began dating. The thing is, because we didn’t want to hurt the feelings of our peers, we kept it a secret for four (long) months, without anyone knowing! When we realized it was true love, we opened up about it. We received a lot of love and good words from our peers who at that point were really our friends.We have been together ever since and even got married a few months ago. We finished our studies at Hebrew U as M.A. alumni and as partners for life.