simonbenitaProfessor Simon Benita is the Director of The Hebrew University’s Institute for Drug Research and the School of Pharmacy, where he earned his Ph.D.  Professor Benita immigrated to Israel from Morocco many years ago, and devoted his career to helping and healing through cutting-edge medicine.  Most recently, Simon Benita has been spearheading a Center for Pediatric Therapeutics and Pharmaceutical Research, through an international partnership with Drexel University and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

A researcher with expertise in nanotechnology, Professor Benita has created lipid-based drug delivery systems that improve the effectiveness of medications.  These nano-delivery systems are saving lives.  A wonderful mentor, Professor Benita supervises Ph.D., masters degree, and post-doctoral students in pharmaceutical sciences. He has published hundreds of research articles, 19 book chapters, and has been issued 16 patents.

A two-time winner of the Kaye Innovation Award (2000, and 2005), he is the founder of the company Novagali Pharma. The company has received special recognition for innovation in ophthalmic (eye) therapies.