Leading Light


An AFHU Charitable Gift Annuity Can Lead to Life-Enhancing Light for the World and Lifetime Retirement Income for You.

When Professor Uri Banin developed a nanocrystal that converted light to other frequencies with minimum loss of energy, he lit the way for the next generation of illuminated flat-panel displays and LED lighting.

That means unprecedented color quality and better visibility for doctors, technicians and workers the world over, but also energy savings and extended battery life too.

When you create a secure AFHU Hebrew University Gift Annuity, you not only ensure a high lifetime return, tax deductions and substantially tax-free annuity payments; you also help propel the groundbreaking research of luminaries like Professor Banin. It’s an excellent rate of return that assures you retirement income for life and a brighter future for Israel and the world.

A Nanotech Leader: Professor Uri Banin founded Qlight on the basis of technology developed in his laboratory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Watch him explain the work: