Dr. Amir Amedi


Turning Sound and Touch into Sight

Dr. Amir Amedi of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC) is vigorously pursuing a two-pronged mission: to help the world’s 45 million blind people and over 100 million people with impaired vision function better in daily life by creating innovative sensory substitution technologies for them; and to elucidate the extent of the adult brain’s flexibility.

Most recently, Dr. Amedi worked to map brains of the blind to solve mysteries of human brain specialization. By studying the brain activity of blind people, Dr. Amedi and other scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are challenging the standard view of how the human brain specializes to perform different kinds of tasks and shedding new light on how our brains can adapt to the rapid cultural and technological changes of the 21st century.