Amir Giryes


Amir Giryes, Dallas, Texas

Amir Giryes, who received his bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from the Hebrew University, specializes in the financial services industry on an international basis. He is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Giryes Capital Group, a capital advisory firm in Dallas that works to achieve heightened collaboration between American and Israeli companies and investors.  The Giryes Capital Group has expertise in investment banking services for companies interested in entering into the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.  Previously, Amir was Director of Equity Research Development at Entropy Financial Research.  Committed to the future of Hebrew University, Amir serves on the AFHU Dallas Advisory Committee. He is a Board Member of the Netivah Youth Ministry, volunteers to help Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers in Israel, and has been an instructor at a Native American Community Center in North Carolina, among his other volunteer activities.

In Amir’s words: “By participating in LEAD, I hope to attain personal growth by meeting and learning from the best-in-class leaders and decision-makers across different industries, and with diverse thinking processes. I also want to grow my network.  I believe that true happiness doesn’t come from wealth but comes from doing well by doing good.”