Professor Hanoch Gutfreund


Professor Hanoch Gutfreund, alumnus and former President of the Hebrew University, Professor Emeritus of theoretical physics, and the Andre Aisenstadt Chair in theoretical physics received the 2016 Solomon Bublick Prize. As the Academic Director of the Einstein Center and the Albert Einstein Archives, where Einstein’s intellectual property resides, he is the university’s appointee responsible for Einstein’s intellectual property. He held many academic and administrative positions at the university, and currently heads the executive committee of the Israel Science Foundation and is the chairperson of the “Basha’ar – Academic Community for Israeli Society” association.

During 2015, the world celebrated the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s discovery of General Relativity. In recognition of this important centennial, AFHU spoke with Hebrew University Professor Hanoch Gutfreund. Professor Gutfreund discusses two theories of relativity: the special theory of relativity which Einstein formulated in 1905, his “miraculous year,” and Einstein’s 1915 presentation to the Royal Academy of Science in Berlin on the General Theory of Relativity. Einstein was also a founder of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.