Kevin Dwarka


I received my Ph.D. from Hebrew University’s Federmann School of Public Policy and Government. I wrote my dissertation on the politics surrounding the Jerusalem Light Rail project. I had the fortune of working with an amazing advisor, Eran Feitelson. While studying, I took full advantage of all the various resources at Hebrew University–taking courses not only in public policy but also in Jewish studies. I also spent a semester in Hebrew University’s Havruta program, an intensive Talmud study program that did wonders for my Hebrew and helped connect me to students from so many different departments.

While writing my dissertation, I also worked on a variety of professional planning initiatives including a study of smart growth and sustainable development through the Israel Union for Environmental Defense. After receiving my degree, I devoted myself to building my urban planning firm in New York City. Headquartered on Wall Street, my practice helps municipalities and private developers revitalize their neighborhoods and downtowns through public transit. My professional practice is informed by the valuable lessons I learned at HU about infrastructure finance. I am currently converting my dissertation on the Jerusalem Light Rail into a book about the ways the project has transformed Jerusalem, both culturally and politically.

I keep very connected to Israel. I try to visit twice a year and am very involved with the New Israel Fund, where I serve on the New Generations Steering Committee and support a range of outreach programs that advance social justice and pluralism in Israel. Recently, I taught an Israeli environmental politics course at Yeshiva University. I would not trade my five years of living in Israel for anything. My father went to both college and medical school at Hebrew University during the 60s, so my HU degree further strengthened our family’s ties to Jerusalem and the university.