Tamar Hoffman


My relationship with the Hebrew University started before I can even remember. In fact, it started before I was in anyone’s plans. My grandfather, Shalom Paska, was one of the first graduates of the faculty of law at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He attended the school with some of Israel’s leading counselors and Supreme Court judges and served the justice system in Israel for over than 50 years.

My father also attended HU  and studied economics and met my mother in Jerusalem before graduating. This, of course, led to me. Like my grandfather, I also graduated from the law faculty of Hebrew University. The period of my life at HU broadened my world and changed the way I carry myself today. There is an indescribable proud sensation you feel, knowing that like other great people; you are a part of this institution.

The amazing student life in Jerusalem is possible due to the high-quality and unique community which attends this school. I can easily name future leaders, politicians and judges that I  met at the university which will be, if not already are, in actively pursuit of making a better Israel and a better world. The entire educational and social experience is only strengthened by the incredibly diverse and colorful city of Jerusalem, which offers live music, art, history, bustling bars and marketplaces to shop in preparation for Shabbat.